2022 Plans

Last season was a bit of a shambles so I popped into town to buy a year planner, one of those office size things. Sold out, it’s only February ! I must organize my time equally between Sussex and Devon. Mayfly time on the River Rother is not to be missed and Elgar Day, 15 June, must be celebrated. Four boys are keen to catch carp during the summer holidays. It all needs careful planning.

River Plym

A couple of days ago I explored my favourite stretch of river to see what changes the winter spates had made. A large tree bough completely blocked the span of the road bridge and the riverside plants had all been flattened, tracing the swirls of the excess water. The bracken had died back revealing plastic rubbish thrown into the woods by passing walkers and cyclists. Garbage clung to the lower branches of riverside trees, left by the receding flood water. The tree roots had collected washed out fence posts, wire and plastic bags. Two major storms are forecast for this week and most of the rubbish will continue its journey downstream to Plymouth Sound. Next week I’ll go back with a bin liner and finish the job.

River Plym

I have tied a few flies but I found it difficult to maintain concentration. In a few weeks the fast approaching season will motivate me.

This year I plan to explore Devon and Cornwall’s reservoirs. The scenery is spectacular and the fish are not suicidal. I feel confident when visiting the moorland rivers but I am always aware that there is a lot to learn.

Water level dropping

It’s been a mild and dry January but the February rain has saturated Dartmoor. The weather is so mild that autumn is drifting slowly into spring.

I have no specific fishing goals this season, catching lots of fish or big fish no longer interests me. I will be content at the end of the season if I have enjoyed myself.