The Badgers, Coultershaw

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This is a privately owned freehouse with a big car park and it is next to the River Rother at Coultershaw Bridge. I use this pub a lot in the summer. The staff are very friendly, the beer is well kept and the food is exceptionally good. This is an up market pub but they don’t seem to mind my muddy boots. I like it here.


The Black Horse, Byworth

This 16th century pub has not been messed about with. The bar has real floor boards (not plastic laminate) and a proper open fire. The beer is good and they keep Fullers London Pride as it should be kept, in a proper cellar. The food is excellent, you can have a plate of chips in the bar or a proper meal in the restaurant. This is not a flashy, plastic gastro pub. It is a genuine pub. Very highly recommended.