A bit of Culture

Last year I wrote about Elgar’s first fishing trip to Little Bognor on 15 June 1918. I commemorated the centenary of Elgar’s visit by catching a Trout at Little Bognor on 15 June 2018. I enjoyed researching and writing about his life and music. His cello concerto and enigma variations are a fitting accompaniment on my regular visits to Petworth.


Fly Culture magazine is a new, upmarket publication about fly fishing around the world. It’s all content, no adverts or product placement. It’s about ‘why’ we fish. No regurgitated articles about killer fly patterns or the latest ‘tactical’ fly tying scissors. It’s a good read. The Editor, Pete Tyjas, liked my piece about Elgar and published it in the Spring 2019 edition.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Elgar Day again this year. A friend suggested that a lakeside vintage picnic with a gramophone would be fun. I’m not sure about that.