13 March – Spring Day

It was a glorious spring morning, a bright blue sky with a gentle breeze from the north. It was a day made for trout fishing. When I arrived at the fishing hut I made a cup of tea and went for a walk around Great Springs. There were no signs of any trout, the water was flat and lifeless. I took my tea to Little Springs and slowly walked towards the end of the lake where I had seen the big brownie. A few fish were moving and a breeze ruffled the surface. It looked inviting. Another member was fishing at that end of the lake, I would return later. I went to Luffs for a look around. A heron jumped up from  the rushes and flew to the other side of the lake. It had been feasting on the frogs and toads spawning in the shallow water.


There were no trout rising at Luffs so I went across the moor to Upper Figgs. The lake looked lovely but I walked on to Lower Figgs. Another member was fishing from the south bank, he had hooked and lost a trout. I chatted a while and then returned to the fishing hut for another cup of tea. I eventually set up my rod and crept along the bank of Little Springs looking for dark shadows in the water.

I started with a Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear but in the coloured water it was not a good choice. After thirty minutes without a take I swapped to a Black Spider. I fished from the point next to the south end of the lake and cast into the deep water. I let the fly sink about eight feet and had a few plucks. Then a positive take which I missed. Half way through a cast I saw a monster fish on the surface. Unfortunately it was on the other side of the lake. I continued working the deep water. Two trout came to the net in quick succession. The sun was burning and I decided to celebrate with lunch, a banana and another cup of tea.

Later in the afternoon the trout went mad, taking buzzers off the surface. I watched another member take a fish just under the surface but decided to limit myself to a brace. The monster trout, an over-wintered brownie from 2014, will probably be there next time, they are quite territorial.