Leconfield Fly Fishing Club

Except for an invitation to fish the River Wey, my trout fishing in 2016 was solely on club waters. I had nine lakes and over three miles of river to choose from. I didn’t want to fish anywhere else. The club only has about a hundred members,  it’s small and friendly.

Leconfield Estates own much of Petworth and the surrounding area. In fact, 14,000 acres of the surrounding area. Part of Petworth House and deer park are owned by the National Trust. The NT don’t approve of fishing or hunting or shooting. Thankfully, the Manor of Petworth and the Leconfield Estates have been held by Lord Egremont and his ancestors since 1150.


The lakes and river are lightly fished and it’s rare for me to meet another member,  particularly during mid-week.  The river runs through traditional farmland and is sensitively maintained. It rises on a mixture of greensand and chalk, then flows through the South Downs National Park. The river is a designated Site of Nature Conservation Importance because of its value to wildlife. I feel privileged to be able to explore the river and visit the lakes which are in parts of the estate to which the public have no access.

The lakes open in March, it’s a long time to wait. While waiting, I designed and built a new website for the club. Everyone is happy with the design.

This link is the club’s home page https://leconfieldflyfishingclub.com/