27 June -After the Rain

Yesterday I went to the river with a dozen other members for a guided tour organised by Andrew, the Keeper. Unfortunately the river was still coloured and unfishable. We toured the North bank from Rotherbridge, stopping at every bridge, right to the end of the top beat. We travelled in a convoy of Land Rovers which was just as well because the grass and stinging nettles were as high as the door handles. Then we visited the South bank driving to Taylor’s bridge and discussing the various pools on the way.


As the river was still coloured this morning, I went to Little Bognor and had a look around the top lake. The water was the colour of strong black coffee with brown sugar in a brown cup. I left the lake and drove to Great Springs. It was a lovely Summer’s day with a warm gentle breeze from the West and fluffy white clouds. I had a long chat with Tony, the Keeper, and a leisurely cup of tea. I walked around the top lake and saw several fish along the margins of the West Bank. I tried them with a buzzer and dry fly but they showed no interest.


I walked around the lower lake and fished near the Lime tree and then on the dam bank with no success. I did another circuit of the top lake but the fish seem to have gone down in the water to avoid the bright sunlight. After a final walk around the bottom lake and a few fruitless casts, it was time to leave. It was a very relaxing afternoon after the hectic events of Brexit.