13 June – Summer Rain

I was determined to fish whatever the weather, I wanted to get back to the pool where I had last seen the Monster Trout.

The weather was in stark contrast to my last trip, warm and humid with the return of the West wind. Unfortunately the wind was downstream and as the river level had risen slightly this would cause presentation problems. The Sea Trout might be running after the weekend rain.

The plan was to fish the top beat and concentrate on the deep pools. I walked down the North side to just above the Monster pool and resolved to fish it carefully and to cover every square inch. The Mayfly were dwindling away, I only saw a couple, there were no rising fish anywhere. While I was setting my rod up it started to rain, ‘It will only be a shower’ I thought and I didn’t bother to shelter under a tree. Big mistake, I was soaked to the skin in a few minutes.

I cast down and across with a weighted fly and let the line swing round, just like Salmon fishing. Half way down the pool there was a slight pluck at the line which I missed. A couple of casts later I connected with a small, wild Trout which I released. I moved down a few yards and had another take from a small fish but I didn’t connect with that one.


The Monster Pool

The sun came out and I started to steam. I worked the fly through the deepest part of the pool and under the Oak tree but there was no response from the Trout, they must have been hiding deep in the tree roots. I wandered up to Ladymead but the wind had got up and it was impossible to cast.

On the way back I dropped the fly into the deep pool just below the recently fallen tree and let it drift round. At the tail of the pool a Trout took and put up a spirited fight. The fish was about 1lb 8oz. I got back in the Land Rover and went to Rotherbridge, the water under the bridge is shallower than last year and there are a few more patches of weed. The wind was getting stronger and it was a job to get the line in the water. After a few casts a good fish followed the fly and I drew the line in quickly to induce a take. The Trout was convinced and just like the earlier fish, it gave a good account of itself. It was about the same size as the earlier fish. I return all of the fish from the river, it’s part of the enjoyment to see them swim away. Thunder clouds were gathering and rather than get soaked again, I went to The Badgers for a pint.