28 April – Last Chance

Should I fish the river or one of the lakes ? I was undecided but as I approached Petworth the Land Rover swung left at the mini roundabout and took me to Keeper’s Bridge.

The river had a greenish tint and it was a bit high, 0.068m on the  Halfway Bridge gauge. I walked down through the wood and the wild garlic was overpowering. As I was setting up my rod a fish swirled near the bridge. It moved into the shallow section between the Alders and the bridge. It rose several times and I was confident that I would get a take. The wind was very strong and presentation was difficult. I think my clumsy casting put the fish down.


I crossed the bridge and walked up the North bank to the Sandy Pool. I concentrated but couldn’t get a take. After a couple of hours I wandered back up through the wood, packed up my tackle and had a pint at the Badgers. No fish but a nice afternoon walk. I imagine the river will be stocked tomorrow ready for the Bank Holiday weekend. No Monsters this season.