April 3, the start of the new Trout season, is only a few weeks away. I am looking forward to my first trout fishing trip since last November. At the start of last season I had a cunning plan. It worked!  I was surprised because so many of my plans are abandoned at the first set back.

What is the plan for 2016? That is tricky. Last year the plan was inside my head, this year it’s here for people to read. My main objective is to catch a sea trout. Any size will do. They do not enter the river until late summer so I have plenty of time to prepare. It’s a realistic objective as several are caught each season. The bottom beat was electro fished by the EA last year and they caught 10 sea trout, heaviest about 10lb, in a short stretch below a weir. I made a feeble attempt to catch a sea trout last year but this year I must persevere.


So what about the early part of the season, prior to the Mayfly? Do I try for another monster trout from the top beat?  Yes, of course. That will be more out of curiosity than anything else. I want to know if last year’s monsters were just a fluke. It is extremely unlikely that I will catch another big brownie but I have to try. I foresee quite a few blank trips in the jungle of the top beat.

I don’t set myself goals for the number or size of trout.  I’ve grown out of that. It’s not about the numbers of fish caught. I’ve lost interest in catching lots of trout.  There is no point to it. I don’t know exactly how many trout I caught last year. Similarly, size is not important. If I wanted to catch a 20lb trout, I could go to Avington.

I must spend more time watching the water and each trip I must have a proper lunch. A restful lunch at the pub or by the river under a suitable tree makes the day complete. I would like to improve my casting and presentation skills. I tend to slap the fly down onto the water, a higher trajectory is required.

Occasionally I will stay on past Opening Time and fish the evening rise.  There is so much more wildlife about and sunset is a great time for photography.

I will write something about each fishing adventure. Even if I don’t catch any trout I will update my Diary. The reel has been serviced, a new line loaded and a few flies tied.

Game on.