7 April 2015- The Sandy Pool

The Sandy Pool above Keepers Bridge is a favourite of mine. There is always a trout in the tail of this pool. Unfortunately it’s also a favourite of the cormorants !


The pool is ‘S’ shaped, about 30 yards long and has a uniform sandy bottom with very little streamer weed. In the summer it’s about 4 feet deep along the centre line and shelves gradually onto a sand bar that runs along the south bank. The north bank is steep and lined with well trimmed Alder bushes.

During late May and early June there are heavy hatches of Mayfly and the pool can look like a stew pond as the trout compete for their lunch. Throughout the season the sandy margins of this pool are home to millions of shrimp.

I usually start on the bend at the head of this pool and cover the run under the near bank. There is plenty of cover to hide behind and fish often take a nymph close to the streamer weed that fringes this pool. Then I extend the line to explore the middle of the pool and eventually the faster water under the far bank. Moving down a few yards, I repeat the process. It can take an hour to explore every part of this pool. The best part is left until last. At the tail of the pool the water shallows and gathers speed before it runs under an Alder bush. On the far bank the current is deflected by a fallen tree branch and a sand bank. There is always a trout just upstream of the branch.

A Gold Ribbed Hares Ear nymph is a good imitation of an Olive or Mayfly nymph. Shrimp imitations are also effective; they can be dragged along the sandy bottom without snagging.

This is a great place to watch the wildlife. If I sit on the warm sand and keep still, Kingfishers dart along the pool, Buzzards mew and deer wander along the tree-line behind me. A fox approached me one evening while I was resting a particularly clever trout.