19 May – Lower Figgs

The rain had coloured the river so I went to the club house at the lakes and had a cup of tea before starting to fish. Trout were rising everywhere. Mayfly, Damsel Fly, Alder and Olives were hatching in the warm humid weather.


Male Mayfly Spinner

Male Mayfly Spinners were fluttering in a group under the trees. They were very dark, almost black and smaller than the females.

I walked through the woods towards Lower Figgs. It was good to see that the estate had planted young Oaks among the more mature trees. I crept around the lake and watched the water. Trout were cruising in the margins taking Damsel Flies by the rushes. Next to  the outflow two Trout were grazing on tadpoles. Fish were rising all over the lake taking Buzzers and Olives.

I had a fish on a French Partridge Mayfly but it wriggled off. The fish became wary of my Mayfly imitation and I changed to a Black Neoprene Buzzer. Instant success, the first Trout looked about 2lb. I moved around the lake to the South bank and cast to a better fish. It took confidently and screamed across the lake, the fly line disappeared down to the curly bit near the spool arbor. Oops. If the lake had been bigger the Trout would have broken me. It turned under the far bank and  I coaxed it back across the lake, much reeling in was involved. That fish was under 3 lb but fought like a Trout double the weight. It was fin perfect. A great afternoons sport.