6 August 2015 – Keepers Bridge

The 100 yard stretch of river immediately above Keepers Bridge is demanding because the back cast is restricted and the far bank has several mature Alder trees under which the trout live. There is usually a good hatch along this stretch and swarms of flies gather just under the trees. The trout are hard to reach and ‘experimental’ casts are required. Bushy, stiff hackled flies bounce off the low hanging leaves in a very life like manner.


This stretch of the river holds a lot of fish, under the trees, alongside the streamer weed and in the fast run at the top bend. It pays to sit and watch the water for a while, when the fish are rising I can spend an entire evening here. I limit myself to 3 fish and return them all.


On the South bank the evening sun drops down below the trees on my left, upstream of me. Shadows are not a problem and I take advantage of the fringe of plants the Keeper has left along the edge of the bank. The water is shallow and standing up to cast is the kiss of death, the trout immediately dash into the tree roots along the far bank. I sit still and wait for a trout to rise, walking about and casting frequently is not the answer.